Heat a single room with pellets

The most affordable heating

Heating a living room, an open space or a bedroom with a stove is a double win. Not only will you have the pleasure of a flame that warms both body and spirit, but also all the savings of a natural, affordable fuel like pellets.

Heat in just a few minutes

With forced ventilation stoves, your room is warm and comfortable in just a few minutes. Even if the space you need to heat is large, hot air easily reaches every corner, pushed by powerful yet silent fans. You can see all the MCZ forced ventilation stove models here.

The ventilation?
You choose it or turn it off completely with the “No Air” function

See all the MCZ forced ventilation stove models here.

The utmost comfort

You can adjust the ventilation to different levels of intensity to your liking. Many models are equipped with a ”No Air” function, which allows you to turn the fan off completely and continue heating pleasantly by natural convection in the utmost silence.

The utmost practicality

Forced ventilation pellet-fuelled stoves are very easily managed via remote control. The remote has all the main functions from daily or weekly programming to temperature selection to ventilation adjustment.

“Finally there’s a pellet-fuelled stove that heats with the pleasure of a wood fire.”

Check out Julien’s testimonial here.

Designed for total silence

Natural convection pellet-fuelled stoves are designed to eliminate all sources of internal noise or vibrations and completely cancel out ventilation noise. Heat is diffused naturally by convection and radiation. This is a heating system that respects the environment, dries the air out less and provides you with completely natural comfort.

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