What they depend on and how to assess them

Although pellet stoves may all look the same to the inexperienced, product price differences are not by chance. To assess quality, in our “Guide to purchasing a pellet stove”, we suggest considering two simple aspects: whether the stove is easy and no-fuss to use (how to program it, how to load it, how to clean it) and what it’s like when it’s working (noise, flame appearance). To make these assessments it is always recommended to physically see the product, preferably when lit.

It is important to see the stove in operation

MCZ outlets offer showrooms with a wide choice of models and one or two pellet stoves are often connected to the flue and are usually on in winter. Look for the outlet (or distributor) closer to you here then click on “discover the outlet”: you will find a list of displayed products with the indication of the ones that are on as well as being able to browse a list of events your area dealer takes part in.

Ask for a free site inspection

The price for a “bare” pellet stove is just a part of the final quote. Indeed, various other elements need to be added to this price and they may vary depending on the installation circumstances. The best way to assess these costs too is to contact a specialised dealer for a technical site inspection and a free quotation. This is a professional service that MCZ dealers offer free of charge and is necessary to assess all the unique features of your house and identify the best installation solution.

Choose your pellet stove

  • Convection
  • Heat accumulation
  • Forced ventilation
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro
  • Wall
  • Corner
  • Room partition
  • For confined spaces
  • With top smoke outlet
  • Use of old firebox
  • For passive houses

Ducted pellet stove with the new Core technology, cladding in painted steel, power 8 Kw.
Economical 8 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Modern, economical, easy-to-use ducted pellet stove
Economical 6 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Hydro pellet stove with front ventilation and reduced depth, economical and easy to use
6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, airtight, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses
Eco friendly pellet stove, classic style, air, ducted and hydro versions
Stone or steel ducted pellet stove, essential design
Ceramic pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Ducted slim pellet stove, available with stone, steel or ceramic front
Space-saving pellet stove, ideal for corridors and small spaces, ducted, economical
Ducted pellet stove, 14 kW, shallow structure for space-saving installation
Round hydro pellet stove, ecological and efficient
Steel pellet stove, available in ventilated, ducted or hydro version
Ducted pellet stove, modern design, made of steel
Economical 7 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Sealed cast iron and steel pellet stove, round shape
30 kW hydro pellet stove with ceramic front and self-cleaning brazier
Round 7 kW pellet stove, economical and easy-to-use
Round pellet stove with forced ventilation, top or rear smoke outlet
Ducted round ceramic pellet stove, 10 kW of power
Steel pellet stove, available in 8 versions (air, ducted, hydro and with Core technology)
Slim ductable pellet stove, with essential Nordic-style design
Classic-style small pellet stove, made of cast iron, ideal for a fireplace
Small, ventilated pellet stove, ideal for installation in a fireplace
Ceramic ducted pellet stove, round shape, essential design
Ceramic or metal pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Economical, front-ventilated hydro pellet stove with airtight construction
6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, with airtight structure and sides in ceramic, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses
Economical, airtight slim pellet stove with a depth of 28 cm
Slim hydro stove with ceramic or steel sides and self-cleaning brazier, 16 and 24 kW