Why choose a stove with an upper flue

Stoves with an upper flue have a smoke outlet on the top rather than at the back. This allows for installation flush with the wall, which reduces the depth of the stove and, consequently, optimises space in the home.

Perfect for existing flues

If you have an old fireplace that does not work or you want to reuse the existing flue in the home, a pellet stove with an upper smoke outlet is ideal. The smoke fitting, which in the case of the pellets has a reduced diameter (only 8 centimetres), can be inserted directly into the existing flue. The old fireplace will become a much cleaner heating solution which is much more efficient and cost-effective.

Easier installation

Stoves with an upper flue make installation easier and faster, as they allow you to create a smoke fitting with no bends and with a regular configuration. This kind of system guarantees a perfect draught and therefore a stove that heats well without backdraught and a perfectly clean glass.

All the convenience of pellets

By installing a pellet stove with an upper outlet instead of the old fireplace you can enjoy all the practical advantages of a fuel that is becoming increasingly popular. Like all pellet products, these stoves operate automatically, switching on and off according to the times you programmed via a simple remote control. Combustion is controlled automatically so as to constantly ensure effective operation without residues.

Choose your
pellet stove
with upper flue

  • Forced ventilation
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro

Pellet stove designed by Patricia Urquiola, round shape and essential design
Small pellet stove, ventilated, ideal for a fireplace
Hydro pellet stove with front ventilation and reduced depth, economical and easy to use
Eco friendly pellet stove, classic style, air, ducted and hydro versions
Stone or steel ducted pellet stove, essential design
Ceramic pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Design pellet stove, created by Michael Geldmacher, ductable
Ducted slim pellet stove, available with stone, steel or ceramic front
Space-saving pellet stove, ideal for corridors and small spaces, ducted, economical
Ducted pellet stove, 14 kW, shallow structure for space-saving installation
Steel pellet stove, available in ventilated, ducted or hydro version
Economical 7 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Round 7 kW pellet stove, economical and easy-to-use
Round pellet stove with forced ventilation, top or rear smoke outlet
Steel pellet stove, available in 6 versions (air, ducted, hydro)
Slim ductable pellet stove, with essential Nordic-style design
Classic-style small pellet stove, made of cast iron, ideal for a fireplace
Small, ventilated pellet stove, ideal for installation in a fireplace
Ceramic pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Economical, airtight slim pellet stove with a depth of 28 cm