Slim hydro pellet stove with front ventilation, which is part of MCZ new “Easy” line, a full range of pellet stoves offering basic finishes and electronics at a fair price. Thea is a “slim” format hydro stove, ideal for corridors and confined spaces. In addition to heating the water of the radiators or of the underfloor heating system, it has a front fan providing the right amount of heat to the room in which it is installed. Steel sides in Dark, Silver, Bordeaux and White. Available in two power versions, 16 kW and 24 kW.

Ideal space-saving solution

The reduced depth (41.4 cm) is ideal to save space. The smoke outlet may be positioned in the back (as in the photo) or on the top, to reduce the total volume even further. The top smoke outlet allows for installation flush with the wall, which reduces the depth of the stove and, consequently, optimises space in the home.

Ignition speed

Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

Cleaning autonomy

Aki is designed to make the end user’s life even easier. In fact, it is fitted with an advanced automatic cleaning system that allows you to remove the ash only once every 7-10 days.


This stove can be managed with a control panel, assembled on the side of the stove, with easy and intuitive functions, suited to those preferring a truly simple solution.

Wi-Fi remote control as optional kit

Thanks to the Easy Connect system, this stove can be remotely controlled via a smartphone with a specific application and a Wi-Fi kit, which is sold as optional.

A_plus_class_mczThis stove is in the A+ energy efficiency class. Thea Hydro 16 S1 is in the A++ class.> Find out more

logo_ecodesignThis product is already compatible with EU Regulation Ecodesign 2022. > What it means

Thea Hydro 16 S1
Thea Hydro 23 S1
> Thea Hydro 16 S1
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