Programmable electronics that manage the boiler functions. Capacity to self-regulate and optimize combustion. Optional Wi-Fi kit for remote control.
Automatic turbulator shaking system. Stainless steel turbulators for long-lasting service life.
High-performance ceramic spark plug for quick and reliable ignition.
Large ash pan for weekly cleaning. Possibility of installing an ash compaction trolley kit for emptying on a seasonal frequency.
Filling tank provided with a capacity of 65 kg.
Mechanical self-cleaning of the brazier for a more reliable ignition system. Cast iron grate unit for long-lasting durability.
The hydraulic part can be completed with 2 different kits depending on the system’s needs.
Combustion air that can be ducted from outside for maximum efficiency of the system.

Performa HQ

Hydro pellet boiler with evolved and fully automatic combustion control (Beta system) and an automated cleaning system which, under optimal installation conditions, removes ash only once every 7/10 days or up to three months with the optional trolley. Available in various power ranges, of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 kW, to meet the most diverse needs.

State-of-the-art combustion control system

With an advanced combustion control and management system (Beta system), Performa pellet boilers always ensure the amount of heat needed with the utmost efficiency. Since the power supplied can be regulated according to the heating requirements, there is no need for frequent switching on and off, thus optimising efficiency, minimising consumption and reducing emissions into the environment. Combustion is self-regulated independently from the type of connection to the flue which may pose a problem during installation.

Ceramic glow plug

Performa pellet boilers are equipped with a new ceramic glow plug, which guarantees a sharp reduction in ignition times and, indirectly, a considerable reduction in electrical consumption.

Automatic brazier cleaning

In addition to a generous ash pan, Performa pellet boiler models also come with an automatic cleaning system of the turbulators and brazier, through mechanical scraping. The automatic cleaning of the head takes place via a system of cams and stainless steel scrapers. Moreover, a new cleaning system of the exhaust smoke area has been added. The handy optional trolley with wheels makes operations such as emptying and moving ashes easier and can be installed to the right or left, to better adapt to spaces and installation requirements.

Possibility of remote management with optional kit

The Performa boiler offers the possibility of being controlled remotely through a dedicated app, thanks to an optional Wi-Fi kit. It is also possible to integrate the boiler with the most common home automation systems, by using a dry contact.

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