Wood-burning insert with Alutec® combustion chamber and a swing door with automatic soft closing, to facilitate cleaning and filling operations. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this closed fireplace is especially suitable for application in existing fireplaces as well as in new installations. Combustion is calibrated to ensure extreme cleanliness and efficiency and it is easily adjusted thanks to a unique and extremely straightforward mechanism.

For the living room we wanted to create a fluid space, as open as possible, and the only partition wall was required to house both fireplace and television. Vivo 90 wood fireplace resolved our problem exceedingly well.
– Giovanni Mario Gozzini, architect
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The existing house already had a wood-burning fireplace with a closed chamber, fully functional, which was then revisited only in terms of its appearance to make it blend in with the new context. For the new cladding we chose a rather distinct style, even somewhat industrial.
– Virginio Giglio Spada, interior designer
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1 Primary air

2 Secondary air

3 Air for cleaning glass

4 Post Combustion Air

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In addition to operating through natural convection, this closed fireplace can be teamed with the patented Comfort Air system that makes it possible to convey the hot air to several rooms – even unconnected – at a distance of up to 8 metres.


ALUTEC® is the exclusive material developed and patented by MCZ for all fireplaces. A patented formula of high alumina content achieved by processing at temperatures of up to 300 °C allows guaranteed self-cleaning of the combustion chamber through a chemical reaction. With its light colour, it makes the flame uniquely bright and even more beautiful.


Vivo models are equipped with a swing door with automatic soft closing, a solution which makes loading wood even easier and safer. With its ergonomic handle, opening the door is very easy.


These models are much more compact and shallower than traditional closed fireplaces. Furthermore, Vivo models are provided with included compensation panel for easier installation. Final appearance is always perfect also because of the Alutec® interiors that make the fireplace even brighter.


The continuous fire and primary and secondary air adjustment with a single control make using Vivo everyday easy in all homes.

Vivo 90 Q Wood
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