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A truly transparent price

The price of a pellet stove or fireplace has little meaning if it is not evaluated as a whole. The price of the product itself is often summed with a little extra for installation. At times, the necessary work involves greater commitment. Our partners will know how to evaluate every detail and provide you with a quote that includes everything required, with no surprises.

Ask for a qualified service

MCZ has always been able to count on a network of specialised dealers, covering every European country and even more. They are professional people specialised in heating, who offer you much more than a simple sale: qualified assistance in every phase of the purchase, from the preliminary technical analysis to the selection and correct dimensions of the product based on personal requirements and structure of the house.

“It is important to know the difference.”

As an alternative to radiators, Nicola was looking for a pellet stove for his graphic design studio.


“I have to admit that every stove looked the same to me” explains Nicola. “It is only thanks to an MCZ specialist that I understood that the difference in price varies according to the enormous advantages in terms of quality, which I would have most likely been unable to discover on my own.”


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