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Why choose a modern fireplace

A modern fireplace means choosing the design and refinement of a timeless product that can enhance the value of any setting. But there’s more to it. Modern fireplaces by MCZ feature cutting-edge technology that turn the simple magic of a flame into an actual effective, efficient and clean heating system.

Modern fireplaces: a decorative choice

MCZ’s range has a number of modern wood or pellet fireplaces, all featuring an essential and contemporary style. The ceramic glass surfaces are particularly wide and feature convenient opening systems specifically designed to make them extremely easy to clean.

Wood-burning fireplaces use a patented refractory material, Alutec®, which becomes whiter at high temperatures, thereby enhancing the beauty of the flame.

Modern fireplaces: an eco-friendly choice

As well as being a good choice in terms of interior design, modern fireplaces with a closed firebox are an effective alternative to traditional open fireplaces. Polluting and outdated, open fireplaces produce eight times more fine particles than a closed fireplace, so much so that they have been completely banned in some areas with high air pollution levels, such as the Po Basin in Italy and the Île-de-France region in France. Modern fireplaces are instead specifically designed to guarantee clean combustion and very effective ash disposal. In a closed-circuit firebox fuel (pellets or wood) burns in a controlled manner, ensuring much higher performance levels compared to a traditional open fireplace. While the latter reaches a performance of just 15%, modern fireplaces of the MCZ range exceed 80%. Moreover, by using pellets instead of wood, an extra 10% reduction in emission levels is achieved. This is why many countries provide subsidies to purchase modern pellet fireplaces.

Wood or pellets: which one to choose?

Choosing between a wood-burning fireplace and a pellet fireplace mostly depends on your lifestyle and how you intend to use the product. Modern wood-burning fireplaces, featuring a flame of unparalleled beauty, need to be fuelled regularly and manually several times a day. This is why sometimes people tend to choose modern pellet fireplaces, which can turn on and off automatically via an internal feed screw that is operated electronically at set times.

On the other hand, pellet fireplaces are more limited in terms of aesthetics because they can only be front-mounted and with a limited width (up to 90 cm – 1 metre). In the wood-burning range, instead, there is a variety of designs, from modern angular fireplaces to double-sided or three-sided fireplaces.