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Pellet boilers


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Why choose a pellet boiler?

The pellet boiler is connected to the existing heating systems (radiators or radiant panels) and, combined with a puffer or storage cylinder, it produces the required hot water in a simple and fast way, for heating as well as for the bathrooms and all other home uses, as needed. It is a convenient and low consumption alternative for heating the entire house with a renewable and ecological fuel, composed only of virgin, untreated wood and naturally “neutral” in terms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Which is the best pellet boiler?

The best boilers stand out for their technology that has been consolidated over the years, the reliability of their operation and the quality of their materials, as well as their low consumption. MCZ offers all that with its two ranges of pellet boilers, Selecta and Performa, which cover the most diverse needs, ranging from 15 to 35 kW power.


All MCZ pellet boiler models offer completely automatic electronic control, currently among the best on the market in performance, which makes it possible to adapt the operation of the product with a considerable advantage in terms of pellet consumption.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning is reduced to a minimum thanks to large ash pans.

The Performa models also come with an automatic cleaning system of the turbulators and brazier, through mechanical scraping. The automatic cleaning of the head takes place via a system of cams and stainless steel scrapers. Moreover, a new cleaning system of the exhaust smoke area has been added. The handy optional trolley with wheels makes operations such as emptying and moving ashes easier and can be installed to the right or left, to better adapt to spaces and installation requirements.


MCZ pellet boilers are appealing because they are “plug and play”. They have everything they need in minimal space to make installation fast and easy – the hydraulic unit is already integrated into the structure, as is the pellet tank, which is wide and capacious for excellent autonomy.


For greater system flexibility, MCZ boilers can be integrated with:

  • storage systems such as puffers or boilers for technical water or for domestic hot water (DHW), which can be connected to the boiler with temperature probes and that are managed directly from the boiler’s control panel, monitoring temperatures and consumption;
  • additional external pellet storage systems of varying capacities, to increase the kg of pellets contained in the tank and therefore product autonomy;
  • thermal solar panels to increase the benefits and lower consumption.

What is the difference between pellet boiler and boiler stove?

In both cases, with either hydro pellet stove or boiler:

  • there are considerable cost savings in comparison to fossil fuel boilers (methane or diesel);
  • the existing heating system is used, i.e. the radiators or the radiant panel system;
  • the heating of the rooms can be combined with the heating of domestic hot water.

When should one or the other be installed?

The choice depends on:

  • available space: while the boiler stove looks fine also in the living room, the boiler always requires a dedicated room for its installation. MCZ boilers are nevertheless quite compact and therefore also suitable for small utility rooms.
  • size of the house and family unit:: usually the pellet boiler, because of its greater power, is most suited when the family unit is composed of many people or the spaces to be heated are larger. It is also true that there are very powerful 24 kW MCZ branded boiler stoves, such as Suite Hydromatic or Club Hydromatic up to 30 kW such as Jazz, that can easily replace a boiler.
  • summer use: if the boiler needs to be used for more than just heating, but also to produce domestic hot water all year round, a pellet stove is more advisable, as, unlike a stove, it is not installed directly in the house and can be started up at any time and without any inconvenience. The MCZ models feature a specific “summer” function which inhibits the three-way valve branch towards the heating system. Accordingly, even if the boiler is turned on, the radiators will not heat up and the hot water will only and exclusively be conveyed to the domestic hot water system.

To learn more about our offer of boiler stoves, have a look here: Hydro pellet-fuelled stoves.

What is the average cost of a pellet boiler?

The cost of a pellet boiler essentially depends on its power and the associated accessories, such as room probes, puffers, storage tanks, solar panels, etcetera.

The list price of a small pellet boiler is about 4,500 euro.