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Stove and fireplace spare parts


Where can you buy spare parts for stoves and fireplaces?

You can buy original parts and accessories for all MCZ products:

Which spare parts is it best to contact a service centre for?

For all internal mechanical or electronic parts of the pellet stove, such as glow plugs, mother board, fans, it is always recommended to contact your local technician, who, as well as placing the order, can also replace the part and test as required.

Also for all other types of spare parts, we recommend contacting a service centre first. In fact, service centres have larger inventories than dealers and may therefore be quicker with deliveries and in solving the problem with the product.

What spare parts can be bought from a dealer?

Spare parts can also be ordered from the sales outlet where you bought the stove. Dealers normally carry all of the most common accessories and spare parts, such as:

  • the ceramic cladding
  • the brazier or the inner walls of the firebox
  • the gasket for the pellet stove door
  • all accessories such as ventilation nozzles, temperature probes, pellet reserve sensor, etcetera.
Can you buy spare parts directly from MCZ?

MCZ cannot sell neither finished products nor spare parts directly to private customers.

We are, however, committed to guaranteeing:

  • the availability of spare parts for all of our products up to ten years from product discontinuation;
  • the quick delivery to service centres of essential parts, which, in case of failure, completely block the stove, such as the mother board, glow plugs, smoke fan, etc; these are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order.

How much do spare parts cost?

The price list of all spare parts is available to dealers and service centres. You can get in touch with the one nearest you for an estimate, before making the purchase.

Why buy original spare parts for the stove?

By buying original spare parts you can be certain that the part has been tested and approved by the original manufacturer, which will guarantee safe and efficient operation of your stove for many years. Indeed, all original parts go through strict internal quality testing, with the aim of keeping the performance of the pellet stove unchanged over time.

Non-original parts or ones that are not authorised by the manufacturer may apparently seem compatible and cost less, but only in the short term.

One should remember that, when using non-original spare parts, the warranty and any possible extensions lapse

Which spare parts are covered by warranty?

The standard MCZ warranty is valid for 24 months from the purchase date and covers the replacement or free repair of parts recognised as faulty at source due to manufacturing defects.

The following are normally excluded from the warranty:

  • elements subject to normal wear such as glass, gaskets, claddings, cast iron grilles, painted, chrome-plated or gold-plated parts, handles, lamps, warning lights, knobs, all removable parts from the firebox or cooking top, burners and burner caps, cables and connection cords, connectors, external parts and plastic supports, refractory parts;
  • damage from transportation, if not reported by the dealer within eight days of receiving the product;
  • damage caused by use or installation that does not comply with the instructions provided or by tampering with the product.

For all details on the Standard Warranty, click here.

How can you extend the warranty to spare parts?

To extend the duration of the warranty beyond 24 months, MCZ has set up various extension formulas (“Care Free” Programmes).

The SPARES+1 and SPARES+2 programmes are specifically designed for spare parts. By activating these programmes, in case of faults on the product, you can get the necessary spare parts for repairs, for a total of 3 years (for the SPARES+1 programme) or 4 years (for the SPARES+2 programme).

You can buy the SPARES programmes from your trusted dealer. To find out more, go to our dedicated page.

PLEASE NOTE The service is valid in all European Union countries.