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Wood-fired inserts


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Why choose a wood-burning insert?

Do you want to transform your old fireplace from a decorative element into a true "heating appliance"? Simply install an MCZ wood-burning insert, which connects easily to the chimney and doesn't require any significant structural modifications. Without major masonry work, you will have a high-performance fireplace that allows you to save from 60% to 80% compared to a traditional open wood-burning fireplace.

Easy to installed and with small sizes makes these wood fireplace inserts interesting to creat a new fireplace, for example when spaces are limited or you want to minimize masonry work.

With the QBox wood fireplace insert by MCZ, installation is even easier thanks to:

  • 150 mm smoke outlet, which adapts to many situations (200 mm for the QBox 100 model);
  • door opening, with a right-hand handle as standard, but reversible after installation if necessary;
  • depth and height among the smallest on the market (depth between 41 and 46 cm, height between 49 and 59 cm depending on models);
  • The Air used for combustion can be channeled outside, with an 80 mm rear below, to ensure perfect thermal insulation in the haouse.


All QBox fireplace inserts by MCZ come with a standard front ventilation, powerful but particularly quiet, which allows optimal heat distribution in the room where the product is installed.

The front ventilation of the QBox models is adjustable with two power levels or automatically.


To select the best wood-fired insert, it is always advisable to evaluate the following aspects:


The best wood inserts are available in different sizes to meet the most particular needs in terms of space.

The QBox wood fireplace inserts by MCZ stand out from other ventilated inserts on the market for their reduced depth and height (depth between 41 and 46 cm, height between 49 and 59 cm depending on the models), making them really versatile.

The QBox line is available in 4 sizes:

  • QBox 60 measures 59 cm in width, 49 cm in height, and 41 cm in depth;
  • QBox 70 measures 69 cm in width, 55 cm in height, and 41 cm in depth;
  • QBox 80 measures 78 cm in width, 59 cm in height, and 46 cm in depth;
  • QBox 100 measures 98 cm in width, 59 cm in height, and 46 cm in depth;

In the QBox collection, ease of cleaning is maximized thanks to:

  • the self-cleaning refractory firebox, which makes the flame particularly visible and bright;
  • the optimal calibration of the cleaning air, which keeps the glass always perfectly transparent;
  • the glass door with swing opening, which allows easy access to the firebox and is itself practical and quick to clean;
  • the particularly large ash drawer, which collects the ash without having to clean the firebox daily.

When choosing a wood-fired insert, the materials with which the product is made are also very important. Compared to other inserts on the market, the QBox collection offers:

  • a door made entirely of glass, which leaves much more space for viewing the fire compared to doors with a cast iron frame;
  • a firebox made of self-whitening refractory material, which amplifies the flamebrightness ;
  • an optional steel frame, available in three or four sides, to complete the aesthetic of the insert.

The best wood inserts have excellent performance in terms of efficiency and emissions. They can have very interesting incentives, comparable to pellet products.

For Italy:

QBox wood-burning inserts, certified 5 stelle AriaPULITA (DM 186), qualify for tax deductions and also for contributions under the Conto Termico.

For France:

QBox wood-burning inserts, certified 7 étoiles Flamme Vert, can access the MaPrime Rénov incentive.

What is the difference between a wood fireplace insert and a pellet insert?

The choice between pellet and wood depends on each individual's habits and preferences.

The wood insert allows you to replace the old fireplace, maintaining the same pleasure of the flame and the same usage routine, but with a substantial improvement in performance in terms of heating and fuel savings.

The pellet insert allows you to switch to a different system, which is very practical to manage and programmable, even from your smartphone. To learn more, visit our page dedicated to pellet inserts.

What are the average prices of wood fireplace inserts?

The prices of ventilated fireplace inserts depend on the materials used in the casing, the firebox, and the door, the quietness of the fan, and more generally, the overall build quality of the product itself.

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