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Modern pellet stoves



Why choose a modern pellet stove

Modern pellet stoves are definitely a stylish choice, as they offer an extremely attractive and contemporary design, perfect even in the finest of homes. However, they are also a choice dictated by convenience, savings and an environmentally-friendly approach. Indeed, modern pellet combustion technologies guarantee clean and efficient heating, with low consumption and significantly lower costs.

Modern and attractive design

Right from the start, MCZ tried to go beyond the nature of pellet stoves as a pure functional object, exclusively intended for heating. At MCZ, we believe that stoves should always be regarded as part of the interior design and this is why they must blend in with the environment.


MCZ’s entire collection is going in this direction and it is easy to find the best-suited model of a modern pellet stove according to your style, from the most discreet and minimal, to the bolder and more original, up to the more traditional stoves with a contemporary feel.

Modern and “green” technology

Modern pellet stoves use the most innovative combustion optimisation technology. What does this mean? This means that their core is specifically designed to burn the fuel, which in this case are pellets, in the most profitable way possible, namely, by generating as much heat as possible while ensuring low residue and consumption levels. In a modern pellet stove, this optimisation process is carried out in an automatic and standardised way. The stove adapts automatically according to the heat demand of the user, in order to ensure the required temperature with the best possible performance.


In a controlled environment like that of a modern pellet stove, particle emissions are at least 10 times lower than those of wood. According to recent studies, a significant reduction in PM10 emissions (more than 80%) would be achievable by replacing wood fireplaces with an open firebox or obsolete wood-burning stoves with modern latest-generation pellet stoves.