Why choose a pellet stove without ventilation

The pellet stoves without ventilation are stoves that can heat naturally, per natural convection, without any fan. More silent than traditional pellet stoves, they have also a longer brazier, where pellets fall down gradually, giving a large and pleasant flame, finally beautiful as the wood-burning one.

Natural heat

Unlike standard pellet stoves with forced draught, the heat in this range of pellet stoves is diffused naturally by convection and by radiation. This makes for an environmentally-friendly heating system, making the air less dry while affording all-natural comfort levels. Every single technical detail of the stove has been designed to transfer heat to its surroundings.

Zero noise

The pellet stoves without ventilation have been designed to break down any noise or vibration impact within the stove and fully eliminate the noise of ventilation, to ensure ultimate natural relaxation. So this family of stoves is intended for quiet settings, such as reading corners, offices, bedrooms.

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