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Pellet fireplace with a large view, a larger and even more attractive fame. It can be combined with COMFORT AIR® Basic or COMFORT AIR® Slim to heat several rooms, even non-communicating ones (find out more). Black cast iron brazier and firebox. Combustion is managed automatically with Active+. This fireplace can be installed close to the floor.

Wider and more attractive flame

Finally, the flame of burning pellets is worth looking at. The brazier is long and narrow and the pellets are thus distributed uniformly. This means the pellet flame resembles the appealing and magical look of the flame produced by burning wood.


This fireplace can be easily managed by remote control with few buttons and lots of functions. In addition to the normal daily and weekly programming functions, you can program different temperatures in different time slots during the day. Since the temperature can be read exactly in the spot where it is left (thermostat function), the comfort level is assured.

It can be managed with smartphone and tablet also

Via a dedicated application (App), you can manage and program this fireplace even from a smartphone or a tablet, but the feasibility of this option must be assessed technically with the installer.

Programming is the one aspect I could not live without. You can’t imagine how nice it is to wake up every morning to a lit fireplace and the entire living room bright and warm, without any effort.
– Andrea Facchin.
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