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A kitchen fireplace



Product: Vivo 80 Comfort Air® ductable pellet stove

Project and photographs: Dank Architectes,Lyon,

Installation: Showroom professionnel pour l’Ouest Lyonnais, Civrieux D’Azergues

The project


A team of young architects from the Dank studio in Lyon have coordinated the restoration and extension of an old cafe/restaurant, converting it into a five-person family dwelling.


In addition to the aesthetic value, obtained with the meticulous care taken in distributing space and selecting the furniture, great attention was also devoted to the building’s energy performance.


Thanks to the installation of cellulose wadding insulation, the building has low energy requirements and is heated almost exclusively by a pellet fireplace.

The air/water heat pump and the underfloor radiant panels in fact only work during the coldest periods of the year.


Whilst between seasons, the fireplace alone is enough to ensure comfort.

The fireplace


The fireplace was installed flush with the storage unit, becoming one with the other kitchen appliances.

The overall appearance, which is rather inconspicuous when off, is quite spectacular when the fireplace lights up.

It is really something to see the flame burn from within the kitchen furniture.

Our guests are blown away each time.

– Marc Touaillon, owner

The heated rooms


The room where the fireplace has been installed is a vast open space on the ground floor measuring 60 square metres. On one side we have the kitchen with the breakfast bar.
Going down a couple of steps, there is the living area, which overlooks the garden from vast windows and features a dining table and sofa.


The hot air produced by the fireplace efficiently heats the whole of the ground floor and is conveyed to the first floor via inner wall ducting, up to the two bedrooms (approximately 30 square metres).

120 m 3





Daily use


During winter, the fireplace has been programmed to switch on by itself from 5am to 8am and then once again from 6pm to 9pm for a total of 8 hours of operation per day.
In between seasons, the fireplace can be operated as required via a remote control.
It is so easy to use that even the three children manage by themselves. The remote control can also be used to set the precise temperature and level of ventilation, which can differ for each air outlet.

The choice of a pellet stove rather than a wood-burning stove was dictated by practicality: optimal storage volume, less dust and greater ease of use.
– Thibaut Chanut, architect

The distinctive features


The pellet loading hatch is located at the rear of the fireplace, rather than the side or at the front. It is an extremely effective solution from an aesthetic point of view, as it enables you to keep the front clean, whilst also being very practical. Indeed, the fireplace is re-loaded from the back, in the TV area. The tank is fully concealed by a false door, which can also be easily accessed when performing maintenance on the system.

In winter, we set the fireplace to start around five in the morning. It is a joy going into the kitchen and discovering that the fire is already lit for us, lighting the room and spreading a pleasant burnt wood aroma.

– Marc Touaillon, owner