Designer pellet stove

Designer pellet stoves


Pellet stove with extremely clean and simple front, double glass door, serpentine stone sides or black painted steel, top with steel hot air outlet grille and glass pellet door. As standard, it features the possibility of excluding ventilation for quieter ope-ration (No Air function). It ensures hot air ducting in several rooms through the patented Comfort Air® system.


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Designer pellet stove Klin MCZ


Pellet stove with rigorous and simple lines, made entirely of high thickness painted steel, top with satin-finish steel grille for hot air extraction and pellet loading. It is available in the Comfort Air® version, able to heat more rooms, or with a fully sealed structure (Oyster version), that works without stealing oxygen from the room in which it is installed and is therefore perfect for well-insulated and energy efficient homes.


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Designer pellet stove Aike MCZ


Pellet stove with minimal design, made with large glass and high thickness metal surfaces, which give solidity and consistency to the product. The top, made with a black painted steel grille, houses the pellet door and ventilation area. It can channel hot air to several rooms (Comfort Air®). It comes with the No-Air function as standard, for quieter heating when necessary.


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Designer pellet stove Tilda MCZ


Pellet stove with minimalist and geometric style front, with no visible vents, available in serpentine stone or painted steel finish. It is perfect for maximising space thanks to its limited depth (39 cm) and to the upper smoke outlet, meaning that it can be used with the existing flue. As standard, it offers the possibility of channelling hot air to several rooms (Comfort Air®) and the No-Air function, for quieter heating by means of natural convection when necessary.


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Designer pellet stove Stream MCZ


Pellet product in hydro version, with large glass front, side or front pellet loading door, air vents in the lower frame. It conveys hot water to all the radiators in the home and can be pulled out completely on its tracks to facilitate special maintenance operations.


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Designer pellet stove Vivo 85 Hydro MCZ


Ductable sealed pellet stove, which, within its soft, feminine lines, elegantly enhanced thanks to essential ceramic cladding (white, grey, black or bordeaux), conceals a brand new firebox, which is deeper and higher and follows the natural movement of the flame. A rather large front glass, one of the largest among the pellet stoves currently available on the market, offers a unique view of the fire.


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Designer pellet stove Curve MCZ


Toba is the first pellet stove that won in 2011 the prestigious IF Design Award for its minimal design, obtained thanks to the fact that there are no front outlets. The structure is made of black painted steel, while the fronts can be in colored ceramic (White, Black, Bordeaux) or leather effect (Skin) or in stone finishes (Sandstone, Soapstone). It is available in Air, Comfort Air® and Hydro versions.


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Designer pellet stove Toba MCZ


Ductable pellet stove, with top in black coated aluminium and steel sides in the colours Bronze, Silver and Black. The ventilation grille usually found in pellet stoves has been replaced by a single perimeter cut, extremely inconspicuous, located underneath the top. The final result is an elegant and refined item, in which a new larger and deeper firebox with curved lines offers an even more breathtaking view of the fire.


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Designer pellet stove Mood MCZ