Why choose an air stove

You opt for “Air” stoves with forced ventilation if you need to heat one room only, even large, or an open space. Thanks to powerful yet extremely quiet fans, the room will be hot and comfortable in a matter of minutes and the heat will effortlessly reach any point.

Utter quietness when you want it

In all MCZ air stoves, the level of ventilation may be regulated at will to obtain the utmost comfort. Furthermore, several models are fitted with the  “No Air” feature, to completely shut off the fan with no risk of internal overheating. The stove will continue pleasantly heating by natural convection, assuring the utmost silence.

Pellets: utmost convenience and best savings

MCZ air stoves use pellets and thus offer all the advantages of an easily stored fuel, that is not messy and above all makes it possible to automatically program switching on and off the stove. Combustion is also electronically and automatically regulated, in order to assure extremely efficient and clean operation. These products therefore fall within all tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy, offering even more interesting savings.

Choose your
air stove

  • Wall
  • With top smoke outlet
  • For confined spaces
  • Use of old firebox
  • For passive houses

Pellet stove designed by Patricia Urquiola, round shape and essential design
Small pellet stove, ventilated, ideal for a fireplace
6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, airtight, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses
Eco friendly pellet stove, classic style, air, ducted and hydro versions
Ceramic pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Steel pellet stove, available in ventilated, ducted or hydro version
Economical 7 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Sealed cast iron and steel pellet stove, round shape
Round 7 kW pellet stove, economical and easy-to-use
Round pellet stove with forced ventilation, top or rear smoke outlet
Modern, economical, easy-to-use pellet stove
Steel pellet stove, available in 6 versions (air, ducted, hydro)
Classic-style small pellet stove, made of cast iron, ideal for a fireplace
Small, ventilated pellet stove, ideal for installation in a fireplace
Ceramic pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions
Steatite pellet stove, ventilated, round shape, essential design
6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, with airtight structure and sides in ceramic, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses
Economical, airtight slim pellet stove with a depth of 28 cm
Ducted pellet stove with essential Nordic-style design