Why choose a corner fireplace?

A true classic, the corner fireplace is highly appreciated by the most renowned of architects. In fact, they enable you to furnish a particular corner of the home, further highlighting the area with immediate effect and providing both added appeal and charm, whilst also freeing up the other walls so that they may be used for other purposes.

MCZ corner solutions

MCZ corner fireplaces offer maximum flame visibility, teamed with advanced combustion optimisation technology. The charm of the flame is therefore combined with the functionality of a modern fireplace, capable of carrying out its heating duties in an efficient, economical and clean manner. MCZ fireplaces are more economically beneficial than traditional systems as they heat several rooms at the same time owing to the use of wall ducting, whilst performing significantly better than traditional open fireplaces.

Corner fireplaces: aesthetic variants

Corner fireplaces can be installed with standard MCZ cladding, involving the use of high-quality, handcrafted materials. Alternatively, corner fireplaces can be customised by the architect for made-to-measure cladding solutions. Corner fireplaces are often completed with benches, wood racks or other decorative elements, so as to further emphasise the flame element.

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