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Heating with a wood- or pellet-fuelled fireplace


Heat in style while saving

Fireplaces, either wood- or pellet-fuelled, are the ideal solution to reap all the pleasurable benefits of a fire and integrate your heating system with a more affordable, environmentally friendly solution that fits in perfectly with your décor.

With or without cladding

To complete your fireplace you can create a 100% customised  cladding. MCZ fireplaces, with their essential design, also lend themselves to being installed with no cladding at all.

Relax and enjoy your heat.
Even in several rooms
or in the whole house.

Heat that goes a long way

MCZ wood-fuelled fireplaces are not only a decorating choice but true heating machines. All the models can be integrated with the Comfort Air® system, which allows hot air to be channelled into several rooms (see the ducted air fireplace models here). There are also several pellet-fuelled hydro fireplace models available that can heat the water in all the radiators throughout the house (see the hydro closed fireplace models here).

Design and efficiency with the Comfort Air® system

You can channel warm air in several rooms and manage it conveniently from a control unit.


This Comfort Air® ducting kit is perfect for the thinnest of walls, even if they are not load-bearing. It has 60 mm piping and a ventilation motor positioned separately from the diffusers.


1  Diffusers (Soft, Ghost, Minimal, Flip, Float, Multi 12 – see the specifications here)

2  60 mm ducting

3  Motor between fireplace and diffuser

4  Ventilation grille


This Comfort Air® ducting kit is suitable for thicker walls. It has 100 mm piping and the ventilation motor is positioned behind the diffuser.

1  Diffusers (Mono 20, Multi 20, Bi 20 – see the specifications here)

2  Motor positioned behind the diffuser

3  100 mm diameter ducting

4  Ventilation grille

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Pellet-fuelled fireplaces

Glamour unites
with the utmost practicality.
Check out all the models here

The fireplace that lights itself

For a super practical alternative to a conventional wood burning fireplace, consider the pellet-fuelled fireplace. Totally programmable, it lights itself according to your needs and your schedule. An MCZ pellet-fuelled stove with its truly pleasant, natural flame will become the key player in the room and make you forget all about classic wood burning fireplaces.

The convenience of pellets

With a pellet-fuelled stove, you will no longer need space to stock firewood. Pellets are stored easily in convenient bags that you can buy even at the supermarket nowadays. Plus, there is no mess to clean up and it burns twice as efficiently as wood, guaranteeing clean, efficient combustion that complies with all the strictest standards in order to receive incentives and tax breaks.

“Svegliarsi al mattino con il camino già acceso senza fatica è una sensazione fantastica.”

Read Andrea’s whole testimonial on the Vivo 90 pellet-fuelled fireplace here.