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Solutions to reclaim an old fireplace


Fireplace inserts

Have an old fireplace that no longer works or doesn’t generate enough heat? Are you remodelling and looking to salvage an existing flue? The answer for you is fireplace inserts. Wood- or pellet-fuelled, they insert easily into the existing compartment and look like a real fireplace with all the power and efficiency of a modern heating machine without much masonry work.

A solution for savings

Thanks to high performances, MCZ inserts allow you to achieve savings from 60 to 80% compared to a conventional open firebox. With pellet-fuelled inserts in particular, combustion is even more efficient and you’ll be surprised by how much you can save. Consult this page to see all the models of inserts for pellet- and wood-fuelled fireplaces: Inserts for fireplace

A “British” touch for your old firebox

Choose a lovely
super-efficient stove
to insert into the fireplace compartment

Stoves with upper outlet

Stoves with the smoke outlet on top are perfect to reclaim an existing flue. Plus, they allow you to optimise the space in your house. In fact, they can be installed against the wall and become ideal even for small nooks or confined spaces.


Consult this page to see all the models of stoves with an upper smoke outlet.

“Cute fit perfectly into the existing fireplace and now the study warms up in just a few minutes.”

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