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Sealed stoves for class A houses

Exchange only with the outside

The ideal stove for well-insulated homes cannot compromise the balance and energy efficiency of the room. MCZ stoves with Oyster technology are perfectly airtight and draw oxygen exclusively from the outside environment. The only exchange with the rooms where they are installed is emitting heat for total comfort at maximum efficiency.


1 COMPLETELY SEALED STRUCTURE that does not consume the oxygen in the room where it is installed.

2SAFE, HEALTHY ROOM without the risk of smoke emissions into the room.


No external air inlet. For 100% thermal comfort.

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No air inlet

As the combustion air is drawn from the outside, the sealed stoves no longer require conventional air inlets to be installed to bring oxygen into the room. With no cold air coming in from outside, energy efficiency is guaranteed with advantages in terms of savings and overall comfort. While the stove can work without surges, guaranteeing lower consumption, the overall temperature remains more even, pleasant and comfortable.

Ideal even in “complicated” situations

Sealed stoves are ideal even in situations where regulations, aesthetic constraints or architectural limits prevent you from creating a conventional air inlet or installing a stove. In Italy, for example, the UNI 10683 regulation prohibits stoves from being installed in bathrooms, bedrooms and one-room flats unless these products are closed fireplaces with ducted combustion air drawn from the outside: which is precisely what the sealed stove is.

A sealed stove with irresistible Nordic charm.

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