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MCZ technology to make having a fire purely enjoyable

Core: the combustion revolution

Core is an innovative pellet combustion technology based on the gasification principles. Protected by no less than three patents, stoves with Core technology are characterised by absolutely spectacular flame aesthetics, clean glass, minimal cleaning, and a drastic reduction in electricity consumption and emissions of up to 55% below the European Ecodesign limits.

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Spectacular flame, cleaner and more sustainable combustion.

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Maestro+ the most advanced user experience

Maestro+ technology allows the stove to express its utmost potential with even an easier and more intuitive use. A real integrated micro-computer dialogues with your smartphone and further improves the performances of the stove that continues to perfectly work even in non-ideal conditions. Find out all the advantages of the entire range of high-performance stoves that can be controlled remotely.

Get the best out of your stove, wherever you are.

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Comfort Air®: hot air in several rooms

Comfort Air® is a special system patented by MCZ to channel hot air, which allows you to heat several even unconnected rooms up to a maximum distance of 8 metres with 60°C in output. Compared to conventional systems, Comfort Air® increases the heat emitted into the room by 30%, distributing it more rapidly and evenly. It also allows the diffusers to be positioned where it is most convenient, even near the floor.

To learn more about the Comfort Air® technology to heat several rooms, you can visit this page. Instead, to see all the available models, you can view the Comfort Air® ductable stoves here and Comfort Air® ductable fireplaces here.

With Comfort Air® you can have the only design diffusers on the market that also work as applique lighting.

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Hydro: hot radiators while saving

Hydro products (stoves and fireplaces) connect to the plumbing system and allow you to heat the water in the radiators throughout the house. Thanks to low thermal inertia, once lit, Hydro pellet-fuelled stoves heat the radiators in the house in just a few minutes. About 90% of the overall stove output is conveyed to the water, ensuring the rooms with radiators are heated optimally.

To learn more about Hydro technology to heat radiators, you can visit this page.

All the hot water you need for your system or domestic use.

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Oyster: sealed stoves for passive houses

Thanks to a perfectly airtight structure, stoves equipped with Oyster technology get oxygen exclusively from outside without consuming the oxygen in the indoor rooms and without compromising overall system efficiency. All this makes products equipped with Oyster technology particularly suitable both for highly energy efficient houses as well as passive houses.

To learn more about pellet- and wood-fuelled stoves with Oyster technology, visit this page.