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Pellet stove chimney installation: how are stoves installed?

Many believe that installing a pellet stove is easy and almost dull, given that the operation of the equipment itself is very simple. This is not the case. Fire is something to be taken seriously, always.

The lowest risk is to waste time and money, damaging the equipment and voiding the warranty (the warranty is immediately voided if a pellet stove is installed incorrectly). Health and safety risks are far more serious hazards you can incur if you do not contact an expert from the early stages of the project.

Who to contact to install a stove pipe

Sometimes authorised retailers, shown on our website on our Store Locator page, have adequately trained internal staff to carry out installations.

Alternatively, please contact one of the authorised technicians you will find on our Product Support page.

Installing a stove does not generally require more than half a day’s work or a bit more if you also need to install wall-mounted pipes to convey hot air to several rooms, or in the case of an hydro stove, which must be connected to the hydraulic system.

However, the installation is just the last step of a journey that, if carefully followed, will guarantee a pellet stove that will heat properly and smoothly for a long time. Here below are the steps of an installation project that was carried out “to perfection”, as they say.

The technical site inspection

Before installing any pellet stove, it is good practice to call in an expert to help you choose the best-suited solution. A qualified professional can primarily help you clarify your needs, guiding you through the detailed understanding of the pros and cons of each solution.

We then strongly recommend an on site technical inspection immediately after. Every home is unique and sun exposure, the degree of isolation, the layout of the areas to be heated and the exact thermal requirement must be carefully evaluated. Without this preliminary study, there is the risk of buying a product of the wrong size for the environment to be heated, therefore with inadequate power levels (too much or too little).

The quote to install a stove pipe

After a careful analysis of the state of things, the retailer or the authorised technician will prepare a detailed quotation, which does not only include the cost of the pellet stove itself, but also the costs of the flue and installation.

A very interesting calculation that MCZ retailers often combine with the quote is the pay-back plan: how long will it take to pay back my investment?

Approximately a stove will pay for itself in about a year and a half or two of use. If you also combine this with government subsidies, which are granted in many European countries, it can take even less.

Pellet stove chimney installation

The installation of a pellet stove is governed by specific standards, according to the country in question. Relying on a qualified professional will provide certainty of compliance with current regulations and the manufacturer’s instructions, together with the exclusive use of suitable materials. In a nutshell, you will have peace of mind that the system will operate safely and smoothly.

Moreover, a state-of-the-art installation is also essential to ensure the validity of the warranty of the stove, which becomes immediately void if the installation is not up to standard.