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30 kW hydro pellet stove with ceramic front and self-cleaning brazier

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30 kW hydro pellet stove with ceramic front and self-cleaning brazier

Ultra-powerful pellet hydro-stove, designed to heat large homes, up to 325 square metres. With its 31 kW of power, it heats up to 15 radiators in a few minutes and generates the hot water required for the domestic hot water system. Made of ceramic. Intelligent combustion management with Maestro technology and double Wi-Fi included.

A stove that is almost a boiler: all the heat your system needs

This is a hydro stove, which not only heats the air in the room, but also the water in the heating system. It is ideal whether you have normal radiators or an underfloor heating system in the house. The optimal efficiency of this stove allows you to have the whole house warm in a few minutes. More than 90% of the stove's power output is transferred to the water in the system. There is also a front fan, which is useful for maintaining comfort in the room where the stove is installed.

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Ignition speed

Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

Cleaning autonomy

The amount of ash generated by the stove is minimal, and what little unburnt material remains is removed through a self-cleaning brazier that is activated automatically. Cleaning the firebox thus turns into a quick and easy chore that is only done once a week.


Advanced control via Wi-Fi with digital panel included as standard

Thanks to Maestro+ technology, the stove can be controlled directly from a smartphone, via a specific App, which provides full control either at home or away, by connecting via the home internet network (router) or directly via Bluetooth. An innovative retractable digital control panel fitted on the top is also available as standard.

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This stove is in the A+ energy efficiency class.

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This product is already compatible with EU Regulation Ecodesign 2022.

What it means

Technical data and downloads

potenza_termica_utile_nominal 28.5 kW
potenza_termica_utile_partial 7.6 kW
potenza_termica_all_acqua_nominal 27.1 kW
potenza_termica_all_acqua_partial 6.6 kW
rendimento_nominal 93.4 %
rendimento_partial 94.4 %
consumo_orario_partial 1.7 kg/h (**)
consumo_orario_nominal 6.3 kg/h (**)
autonomia_partial 28 h (**)
autonomia_nominal 7 h (**)
volume_serbatoio_litri 72 lt
volume_riscaldabile_con_fabbisogno_20_w_per_m3 1425 m3 (*)
volume_riscaldabile_con_fabbisogno_35_w_per_m3 814 m3 (*)
volume_riscaldabile_con_fabbisogno_40_w_per_m3 518 m3 (*)
classe_efficienza_energetica A+
diametro_uscita_fumi1 100 cm
peso_netto 292 kg
temperatura_fumi_nominal 105 °C
massa_fumi_nominal 20.7 g/s

(*) The declared volume represents the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product based on the average demand of the house (expressed in W/m3). The values given are purely indicative, a professional assessment is required for mandatory energy calculations.
(**) Data that may differ depending on the fuel used.

Manuals, technical sheets, certifications and documentation

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