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Heat your radiators with pellets


A stove that heats like a boiler

Unlike air powered stoves, hydro stoves heat the water in the heating system. They are ideal to heat an entire house using the existing radiators or floor heating system.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the MCZ hydro system, the heating system warms up in just a few minutes. Over 90% of the power generated by the stove is transferred to the system water.

With the more powerful hydro stoves
you can even generate hot domestic water.

Check out all the MCZ hydro stove models here.

Hydromatic  to heat water and air

The Hydromatic stove doesn’t only heating the system water but is equipped with a room fan with automatic start-up that can be adjusted as required. Get all the Aki stove details here.

Pair with a puffer for greater capacity

Especially when you also want to heat domestic water in addition to the radiators, an interesting option is pairing with a puffer, which is a sort of steel cylinder that keeps the system water hot.

Not just stoves: Hydro closed fireplaces

Hydro fireplaces are perfect for when you want a solution that integrates better with your décor than a stove.

MCZ pellet hydro closed fireplaces are ideal when you want a solution that can be totally programmed based on your needs. Check out all the models here.