Ductable pellet stove, especially suitable for hallways or confined spaces, thanks to a depth comparable to that of a radiator (29 cm). The front houses a double glass door and a ventilation grill in painted steel. The top, made with glass, can be opened with a push-pull button for the pellet loading. The sides are in Dark, White, Bordeaux ceramic or in Serpentine stone.

Very versatile

The stove is very versatile and it can be adapted to various projects. It has two hot air outlets which can be used at will, keeping them both frontal for a very powerful ventilation or canalizing them (both or just one), in order to heat several rooms at the same time (COMFORT AIR® system). There is an upper smoke outlet, which allows a placement at just 5 cm from the wall. The smoke outlet can be also installed at the back, with no visible flue pipe, as in the photo.

“Environmentally friendly” design

This stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive on emissions and environmental impact.

Sealed structure as standard

Thanks to a perfectly sealed combustion chamber, this product uses up the oxygen taken exclusively from the outside, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort in modern homes, even those with class A energy rating, with no risk of smoke emissions in the room.

Ignition speed

Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

Excludable ventilation

The No-Air function allows you to completely exclude or to minimally reduce the forced ventilation in the stove, ensuring maximum silence and all of the advantages of heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection.

Advanced control via wi-fi included as standard

This stove is one of the first models of the pellet range to have the new Maestro operating system as standard, designed and developed by MCZ to ensure improved stove operation.

The stove can be controlled with an app, which makes it much more intuitive and easy to use than a traditional remote control. All you need to do is install it on your mobile phone or tablet, so you can use it both at home and on the go.

With Maestro it is all inclusive, no other costs are incurred for the Wi-Fi kit, which usually is an accessory to be purchased and installed separately. It comes as standard with a built-in double Wi-Fi module and can be easily connected to your smartphone or domestic network. As an alternative to using your smartphone, an optional handheld remote control is available, with the app already installed.

Moreover, unlike stoves with a built-in sensor, Maestro is provided as standard with a micro sensor that you can place wherever you like, so you can set the temperature you want in every room.

A_plus_class_mczThis stove is in the A+ energy efficiency class. > Find out more

logo_ecodesignThis product is already compatible with EU Regulation Ecodesign 2022. > What it means