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6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, airtight, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses

Metal White
Metal Dark
Metal Silver
Metal Bordeaux

6 kW pellet stove, ventilated, airtight, ideal for small spaces or well-insulated houses

Low-powered stove (6 kW) with forced ventilation. It has a cast iron top and painted steel sides (Bordeaux, White, Dark, Silver). Intelligent combustion management with Maestro+.

The right level of comfort for a room or open space

This is an air stove, the most classic model of pellet stove. A single fan, powerful yet quiet, efficiently distributes the warm air in the room where the stove is installed, making it warm and cosy within minutes. Depending on how well insulated your home is and how it is laid out, this stove can also heat very large rooms. You can choose the fan power according to your needs. A warm, powerful breeze to heat up your home quickly or a barely perceptible whispering sound if you just need to keep the same temperature.

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Ignition speed

Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

“Brushless” gear motor

The new patented “brushless” gear motor has been made exclusively for MCZ and it is used in the pellet loading feed screw and in the automatic brazier cleaning system. Compared to traditional gear motors, it is more powerful, more noiseless and less energy-hungry (electric consumption reduced by 90% compared to conventional motors).

Total silence, when you want

The No-Air function allows you to completely exclude the forced ventilation in this stove, ensuring maximum silence and all of the advantages of heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection.

Sealed structure as standard

Thanks to a perfectly sealed combustion chamber, this product uses up the oxygen taken exclusively from the outside, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort in modern homes, even those with class A energy rating, with no risk of smoke emissions in the room.


Advanced control via Wi-Fi with digital panel included as standard

Thanks to Maestro+ technology, the stove can be controlled directly from a smartphone, via a specific App, which provides full control either at home or away, by connecting via the home internet network (router) or directly via Bluetooth. An innovative retractable digital control panel fitted on the top is also available as standard.

Virtual viewing of TECLA

View the stove at 360° in the desired finishes.

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This stove is in the A+ energy efficiency class.

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This product is already compatible with EU Regulation Ecodesign 2022.

What it means

This product guarantees high environmental performance, certified 4-star according to the emission and efficiency parameters of the Aria Pulita scheme.

This product is eligible for a contribution from the Conto Termico, if installed to replace certain types of existing heating systems.

This stove has been certified 7 stars Flamme Verte.

Test standards: EN 14785, BimSchV 2nd stage, Regensburger/ Aachener/ Münchener BStV (Germany), Art 15a B-VG (Austria), LRV (Switzerland).

Technical data and downloads

Energy Efficiency Class A+
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (ηs) 81.00 %
Dimensions (LxHxP) 45.6 x 90 x 49.2 cm
Nominal heat output 6.30 kW
Minimum heat output 2.50 kW
Efficiency at Max 91.50 %
Efficiency at Min 92.00 %
Hourly consumption at Min 0.60 kg/h (**)
Hourly consumption at Max 1.45 kg/h (**)
Autonomy at Min 26.00 h (**)
Autonomy at Max 11.00 h (**)
Hopper capacity 24.00 lt
Heatable volume 20W/m³ 315.00 m3 (*)
Heatable volume 35W/m³ 180.00 m3 (*)
Heatable volume 55W/m³ 115.00 m3 (*)
Smoke outlet 80 mm
Net weight 90.00 kg
Temperature of exhaust smoke 165.00 °C
Mass of smoke 3.70 g/s

(*) The declared volume represents the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product based on the average demand of the house (expressed in W/m3). The values given are purely indicative, a professional assessment is required for mandatory energy calculations.
(**) Data that may differ depending on the fuel used.

Manuals, technical sheets, certifications and documentation

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