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A steel and stone fireplace that represents two styles



Product: Plasma B95 two-sided wood-burning fireplace

Project: Studio Morra Moretti, Assisi (PG), Italy,

Installation: Ticchioni, Collestrada (PG)

The project


The Vinti family, which has been running a renowned relais in a 19th century farmhouse for many years, has chosen as its private residence an old manor farm, located just outside the historic centre of Bastia Umbra. The restoration and extension project is by Giulio Morra Moretti, an architect with extensive experience in sustainable renovation, who managed to preserve the value and aesthetic features of the building while also ensuring maximum energy efficiency.


Works were required on several levels of the farmhouse, from its perimeter walls to the flooring. The interior was emptied completely to create a single space, open all the way up to the roof. A steel mezzanine was built for the bedrooms, whereas the living area and the kitchen take up the whole open space on the ground floor.

120 m 3


The fireplace


As in all traditional farmhouses, the Vinti family manor farm also had an old fireplace placed against the north wall, which was the coldest. But after inspecting the building, it soon became clear that the existing flue could not be reused.


The clients agreed with the advice given by the architect to keep a wood-burning fireplace in the house in order to maintain its rural feel. In fact, the fireplace could be restyled to give it a more contemporary look, as well as providing a valid and efficient form of heating.


This is why a two-sided fireplace model was chosen, which was installed in a key position, namely, in the middle of the open space.


As for the cladding, the idea was to highlight the contrast between rustic and modern style. On the one hand, the original stones and terracotta tiles were used, which had been left over from the renovation phase. On the other hand, a minimalist and simple shape was created, consisting of two superimposed parallelepipeds, ending with the flue, left visible and made of a very modern material, such as satin steel.

The flue crosses the entire double height of the room, providing great aesthetic appeal, especially when lit.

– Giulio Morra Moretti, architect

The heated rooms


A wood-burning fireplace is an effective form of heating, used daily in the winter, spring and autumn to ensure thermal comfort in the large open space.


The steel flue allows the calorific value of the fumes to be further exploited and to effectively heat also the rooms created in the mezzanine area.