Why choose a three-face fireplace

Three-face fireplaces feature a three-glass fireplace monoblock, where the vision of the fire is indeed perfect and striking. They are a so-called peninsula solution, ideal to separate spaces or to break the evenness of a large wall.

Architects’ favourite choice

Thanks to the great visual effect offered by the three glass panes, three-face fireplaces are among architects and interior designers’ favourite choices. MCZ three-face fireplaces have in fact often been chosen in the most exclusive locations, as the ideal living room complement with their extremely neat and minimal design.

MCZ three-face fireplace models

Forma T50 and Forma T95 are among the most popular three-face fireplace models in MCZ’s wood-burning collection. In addition to their neat and minimal design, ideal for any interior, they offer high performance also in terms of heating. Far from merely being decorative features, these three-glass fireplaces are able to represent a very valid alternative to heat a room or even several rooms at the same time, thanks to the Comfort Air® ducting system, patented by MCZ.