Why choose a ventilated pellet stove

The ventilated pellet stoves of the “Air” MCZ range heat quickly and noiselessly. The heat produced in the firebox is spread to the whole room in few minutes through the inner fans that push hot air outwards, immediately making the room nice and toasty.

Ventilated stoves: how they work

In an MCZ ventilated pellet stove, the fan power may be adjusted at will with five settings, the maximum to heat as quickly as possible and the minimum to maintain the temperature with lower consumption. What is more, all the most recent models are equipped with the “No Air” feature, to completely switch off the fan at no risk of internal overheating, for extremely quiet operation.

The technologies for ventilated pellet stoves

For the ventilated pellet stoves, MCZ has patented Active, an innovative system for automatic combustion streamlining. This sophisticated electronic system allows the stove to adjust itself to achieve the required temperature while assuring the utmost efficiency and using any type of pellet. The most advanced version of this innovative system, Active+, also lets you control the stove directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Choose your
ventilated pellet

  • Wall
  • Room partition
  • For confined spaces
  • With top smoke outlet
  • Use of old firebox
  • For passive houses

Easy line: everything you need, at the right price
Easy line: everything you need, at the right price
Cladding made entirely of steatite
Low-powered stove
The low-powered stove
Design by Patricia Urquiola
The compact and rounded stove
The first pellet stove for those who prefer cast iron
Top performances, in the new hydromatic version also
Just 80 cm high and top smoke outlet
Just 80 cm high and top smoke outlet