Why choose a wood fireplace

MCZ’s wood-burning fireplaces are products with an unexpected technological content, and allow you to save on heating costs and enjoy all the warmth of a fire that is also a design feature.

A new generation of fireplaces

MCZ wood-burning fireplaces are not just an aesthetic, current and contemporary choice for your living room, but an actual heating system that can heat all rooms.

Heat the whole house

In addition to traditional operation by natural convection, MCZ wood-burning fireplaces may be ducted (with Comfort Air® system) to convey hot air into several rooms of the house.

Maximum customisation

MCZ fireplaces have a clean and essential design and may be clad with the wide range available in the catalogue, as well as with custom claddings, to match one’s interiors. All fireplaces may be fitted with an optional “Passe Partout” offset frame, 5mm thick, and may therefore even be installed without cladding, an extremely neat solution that allows the fireplace to take centre stage in the wall.


your wood


  • Convection
  • Ducted air
  • Wall
  • Corner
  • Room partition
  • Use of old firebox