What they depend on and how to assess them

The prices of gas fireplaces depend especially on the aesthetics of the hearth and the beauty of the flame. The hearth of MCZ gas fireplaces contain a set of logs that faithfully simulates log embers or white decorative pebbles the flame emerges from, with a visually striking effect.

Easier installation

Gas fireplaces may be decidedly more affordable than wood-burning fireplaces, especially in view of the low installation costs. Gas fireplaces in fact, may have a wall-installed flue and do not require a flue outlet in the roof.

Quotation for gas fireplace

To know exactly the cost to be incurred for an MCZ gas fireplace, contact the closest dealer which you may find on this page. Click on “explore the outlet” to also see what gas fireplaces are on display and to ask for prices or quotations.

Choose your gas fireplaces

  • Convection
  • Ducted air