Why opting for a gas fireplace

MCZ gas fireplaces make everything easier. The flame may be regulated with a handy remote control, that lets you program even the switching on and off time. Furthermore, no cleaning operations or fuel stocks are required.

Fireplace with logs or pebbles

The hearths of MCZ gas fireplaces contain a set of logs that faithfully simulates the effect of wood embers. As an alternative, in models FORMA 95 Gas and FORMA 115 Gas, the firebox may be customised with white decorative pebbles, for an even more pleasant effect.

Easier installation

A gas fireplace can sometimes prove to be a good alternative to a wood-burning fireplace, since it offers many benefits in terms of installation. In fact, a gas fireplace takes up less space, has a lower weight and the flue required has a smaller diameter to flue used for wood-burning fireplaces. Moreover, a gas fireplace draws oxygen for combustion from outside, through the concentric flue system, which means that the room where it will be installed will not require additional air inlets.

Ideal also to heat several rooms

MCZ gas fireplaces may be combined with the patented Comfort Air system to duct hot air in several rooms, even non adjoining, up to 8 metres.

The gas fireplace with built-in tv set

The exclusive Scenario TV fireplace is available with built-in gas fireplace (Forma 95 Gas). It assures perfect vision of the Loewe 37’’ LCD TV even when the flame is on, in addition to insulation especially designed to prevent overheating electrical parts.

your gas

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