Why opt for a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces seem the perfect solution for a system that is easy to install and manage. Installation is simpler and faster, the flame can be regulated with a handy remote, there are no ash and soot residues, and you don’t need to stock up on fuel.

There certainly do seem to be many advantages; is that really the case?

Are gas fireplaces installed without a flue?

A gas fireplace can sometimes prove to be a good alternative to a wood-burning one, since it offers many benefits in terms of installation. In fact, a gas fireplace takes up less space, weighs less and the required flue has a smaller diameter than flues used for wood-burning fireplaces. Moreover, a gas fireplace draws oxygen for combustion from outside, through the concentric flue system, which means that the room where it will be installed will not require additional air inlets.

It’s not true, however, that gas fireplaces can be installed without a flue. Like any product that operates on combustion, it’s always necessary to properly dispose of the smoke through a compliant flue system.

Are gas fireplaces worthwhile?

For all their simplicity and convenience, gas fireplaces present certain disadvantages worth being aware of.

The flame

The flame of a gas fireplace has been designed for a pleasing visual effect, but it’s certainly not comparable to the beauty of a natural wood fire.

The price

When used for the same number of hours, fuel costs are significantly higher for gas fireplaces than for wood- or pellet-burning ones.

The heating capacity

When it comes to heating capacity, gas fireplaces will never be very efficient and should, therefore, be thought of more as a piece of furniture.


Gas fireplaces are subject to wear more quickly compared to wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, which, if used correctly, will continue providing heat without problems for a long time.


Although their installation is simple, gas fireplaces must be installed by a qualified technician and must be checked at least once a year, exactly as is the case for wood- or pellet-burning fireplaces.

Gas or wood-burning fireplace?

There’s no doubt that gas fireplaces are worth it for people who want to experience the pleasure of a firebox, but don’t really need

  • heating
  • the pleasure of a flame.


If, on the other hand, serious heating is needed, it’s always better to opt for other products, such as wood-burning or pellet-burning fireplaces, which combine the pleasure of natural fire with unequalled heating efficiency.


With one single product, it’s possible to heat large spaces or multiple rooms in the house simultaneously, even if they are on different floors, saving greatly on heating bills.

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