Wood-burning heating: the charm of traditional heat

Heat in style while saving

Wood-burning fireplaces are the ideal solution to reap all the pleasurable benefits of a fire, combined with the most modern techniques
to optimise combustion, and to integrate your heating system with a more affordable, environmentally friendly solution.

High performances and efficiency

All MCZ wood-burning fireplaces have performance levels around 80% and in several models even higher : this means that they consume less yet heat better than traditional products. Therefore they are not just an aesthetic choice, but an actual heating system that can heat all rooms and even be connected to the radiator water supply network as well as bathrooms.

Enjoy your heat,
even in several rooms
or in the whole house.

Heat that goes a long way

MCZ wood-fuelled fireplaces are not only a decorating choice but true heating machines. All the models can be integrated with the Comfort Air® system, which allows hot air to be channelled into several rooms (see the ducted air fireplace models here). There are also several wood- or pellet-fuelled hydro fireplace models available that can heat the water in all the radiators throughout the house (see the hydro closed fireplace models here).

Design and efficiency with the Comfort Air® system

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The ideal stoves for well insulated homes

MCZ wood-burning stoves an ideal solution for passive or well-insulated houses. All wood-burning stove models are in fact “airtight”, “hermetic”, in the sense that all the oxygen for combustion is taken from the outside and not from inside the room where they are installed (this is the Oyster technology).

A whole night of peace

MCZ offers a variety of storage wood-burning stove models , with a mass of refractory material that absorbs the heat generated by the stove and then gradually releases it into the room, keeping the house warm longer without having to reload the stove (this is the Overnight technology).