What they depend on and how to assess them

The prices of pellet fireplaces vary according to product features. Specifically, if they are ducted pellet fireplaces or hydro pellet fireplaces the price is slightly higher, also in view of the higher installation costs. In any case, pellet fireplaces are very interesting because, if chosen with care also considering their appearance and the beauty of the flame, they may be a valid alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Savings with tax benefits

In view of the fact that they use advanced combustion optimisation techniques, pellet fireplaces burn twice as clean as wood. That is why, unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, they fall easily within the most restrictive state tax benefits. The final price of pellet fireplaces may therefore really be affordable.

Ask for a free site inspection

The best way to assess all the costs of a pellet fireplace is to contact a specialised dealer for a technical site inspection and a free quotation. This is a professional service that MCZ dealers offer free of charge and is necessary to assess all the unique features of your house and identify the best installation solution.

Pellet fireplace prices

  • Forced ventilation
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro

Large-view hydro fireplace