Why choose a pellet fireplace

With MCZ’s pellet fireplaces, it’s easier to enjoy the beauty of a fireplace: the fuel can be easily stored with no need for a woodshed and you can set when to turns on and off, depending on your needs. Plus, you can customize the fireplace with a cladding specially created for your interior.

Warm in the whole house

The ductable pellet fireplaces (with the Comfort Air® system) are able to convey hot air to several rooms of the house, even on different floors, while Hydro pellet fireplaces can even heat water for radiators or underfloor heating.

Pellets: savings and environmental friendliness

In addition to being convenient, pellets are affordable and sustainable. They are cost-effective, because they assure extremely high yields against a cost that is decidedly lower than fossil fuel (they are about 25% cheaper than natural gas and twice cheaper than diesel fuel). They are sustainable because they assure combustion that is twice cleaner than wood and therefore fall within all tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Wide flame with vivo 90 pellet

Among the newborns in the collection, there is Vivo 90, a pellet fireplace in panoramic size at 16:9. Thanks to a lengthened hearth where pelleta are evenly distributed, Vivo 90 offers a flame with a decorative effect which is easily on a par with a wood fireplace. Versatile from the design point of view (it may even be installed near the floor), Vivo 90 is standard supplied with the patented Comfort Air® ducting system which makes it possible to heat several rooms at the same time. An actual alternative heating system, in other words, which combines convenience with the beauty of a wide and natural fire.

your pellet

  • Forced ventilation
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro

Large-view hydro fireplace