Product: Discontinued pellet stove replaced by the Cute, Thema e Deco models

Project: Claire Escalon and Nicolas Lanno, Atelier Premier Étage,

The project


The small apartment (74 square metres in total), housed in the loft of a historical Parisian building, has been fully renovated to suit the lifestyle of a young couple and their two children. The home features a rectangular floor plan and sloping ceilings that are particularly lofty at the centre.
The customers wanted to open up the living space as much as possible and create a sufficiently spacious bedroom for their two children. The living area has even been transformed into a large open space, integrating the living room, complete with study, and the kitchen, which has been opened up and features an island and dining table. The night-time area, making full use of the ceiling’s height, features a mezzanine to increase the size of the children’s bedroom by approximately 8 square metres.
The renovation project was intended to enhance the pre-existing humble materials, such as the unrefined wood, clay-brick and cement tiling, by transforming them into distinguishing elements. The chestnut beams and pillars and the original parquet were subsequently restored and left in their natural state. Similarly, the load-bearing walls with exposed brickwork have only been partially plastered. Finally, in both the kitchen and bathrooms, large sections of the original grit-cement flooring with a geometric design typical of the 1960s featuring blue, light blue and white, have been left intact.

The stove


The customers expressed a desire to heat the day area at the very least using a source of renewable energy.
The stove model was chosen, above all, to optimise the available space. Its more compact size in fact, meant that it could be positioned in the lowest part of the room. Moreover, the presence of an upper smoke outlet instead of a rear outlet enabled us to position the stove against the wall to fully incorporate its depth.
A cement base was created for the stove to simultaneously protect the parquet and frame the fireplace.

120 m 3




The heated environment


The stove is generally switched on in the evenings to heat the living area during the colder days and in between seasons, but also to create a more welcoming effect within the ambient as a whole. The look is ideal for the chosen style, inspired by the 1960s and featuring extremely bright colours such as mustard yellow, blue and red, toned down by the combination with white and the natural hues of the wood.

We chose this stove as it blends in perfectly with the 1960s style and its lower height was ideal to also use the space under the roof pitch. – Claire Escalon, architect