Product: Wood fireplace Vivo 90 Wood

Project and photographs: FAR Arreda, Roncadelle (BS)

The project


The building was originally a country house with a traditional structure, a habitable ground floor, a loft left unfinished and a basement. The FAR Arreda team chose to recover only the external load-bearing walls and the tavern.
The house now appears as a single, flowing space, open all the way up to the roof, from which the original wooden beams were recovered, now painted white.


The living area includes a large living room with a dining table and kitchen, for which a slightly raised floor was built and can be accessed by going up four steps. The sleeping area, instead, is located in a large mezzanine that comprises the master bedroom, in full view, and a private bathroom. The basement is intended as a laundry area and gym.


The interior decoration is characterised by an interplay of white, grey and black hues, interrupted here and there by glossy red lacquered furniture to brighten up the composition.

The fireplace


The existing house already had a wood-burning fireplace with a closed chamber, fully functional, which was then revisited only in terms of its appearance to make it blend in with the new context.
The new cladding has a rather distinct style, even somewhat industrial. The imposing flue was left exposed, so that the heat could be conveyed in a natural way also in the upper part of the loft. The fireplace, instead, was incorporated into a plasterboard cladding, which recalls the grey of the oak floor. To further emphasise the industrial style, the firebox is surrounded by a frame in wrought iron with a rust effect.

120 m 3



The heated environment


The building is heated by a natural gas boiler and wall radiators. The fireplace was kept more as a furnishing element than for actual heating needs. However, it ensures an entirely respectable performance, especially in spring and autumn, and is often turned on in the cooler hours of the day to avoid having to switch on the boiler. Since the room is well insulated and fully open, the heat produced by the fireplace also easily reaches the mezzanine with the bedroom.

Distinctive features


Despite its imposing dimensions, the fireplace seems suspended in the air, thanks to an underlying metal support used as a wood rack.