Product: Vivo 90 Wood wood-burning fireplace with Scenario cladding

Project: Studio Gozzini & Brignoli,

The project


The house was built on a plot of land characterised by slopes and terracing, offering a breathtaking view of Lake Garda. This specific morphology is the reason why the house was built with a simple layout, spread out on several floors. The overall result is modern, minimalist and perfectly harmonious.


The ground floor, featuring large glass surfaces around the perimeter, is extremely bright and opens onto a very well-kept garden with olive trees and other tree species typical of the area.

The fireplace


The fireplace is placed in a free-flowing open space comprising the kitchen, dining room and living room. This large space provides a sense of continuity, which is interrupted only by a glass case containing a century-old olive tree and by a central load-bearing wall, painted in cement-coloured resin to emphasise its functionality.

This was actually the only place where it was necessary to place both the fireplace and the TV.


The solution offered by Scenario, the fireplace plus TV by MCZ, has proved to be truly fitting. In an area measuring slightly more than two metres, the cladding encompasses a wood-burning fireplace and a plasma TV. It is specifically designed to guarantee perfect insulation of the electronic appliance, so that it does not overheat while the fireplace is running.

120 m 3



For the living room we wanted to create a fluid space, as open as possible, and the only partition wall was required to house both fireplace and television. Scenario resolved our problem exceedingly well.

– Giovanni Mario Gozzini, architect



The owner, who is an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, is at home just a few days a year. Therefore, the fireplace is turned on simply for the pleasure of having a flame, rather than for heating purposes.

It nevertheless ensures an optimal performance, quickly providing a warm and cosy environment.

The TV/fireplace combination is spot on. Thanks to a few technical tricks, the TV screen is perfectly visible despite the glare of the burning flame.

Distinctive features


Another wood-burning fireplace was also installed in the building to heat up an area of the house used as a sauna and gym. To build the smoke outlet for the two fireplaces, the architects created a single air shaft, housing both flues.


It is an interesting solution to prevent an unsightly double chimney on the roof, however, it needs to be designed carefully. In order to avoid any negative air pressure or backdraught, the flues need to extend out of the roof at different heights.