Why choose a stove for small spaces

A pellet stove or a wood-burning stove in the hallway or in a corner? Why not. MCZ stoves for tight spaces are designed to be installed in any place. Ultra flat and monolithic, or round and compact, they offer original shapes and styles and can become a real design object. They offer moreover all the advantages of a high-performance product, able to heat several areas of the home, even unconnected.

Choose your
stove for
small places

  • Convection
  • Heat accumulation
  • Forced ventilation
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro

Economical 8 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Modern, economical, easy-to-use ducted pellet stove
Economical 6 kW pellet stove, ventilated and with sealed structure
Hydro pellet stove with front ventilation and reduced depth, economical and easy to use
Stone or steel ducted pellet stove, essential design
Ducted slim pellet stove, available with stone, steel or ceramic front
Space-saving pellet stove, ideal for corridors and small spaces, ducted, economical
Ducted pellet stove, 14 kW, shallow structure for space-saving installation
Sealed cast iron and steel pellet stove, round shape
Slim ductable pellet stove, with essential Nordic-style design
Classic-style small pellet stove, made of cast iron, ideal for a fireplace
Small, ventilated pellet stove, ideal for installation in a fireplace
Economical, airtight slim pellet stove with a depth of 28 cm
Slim hydro stove with ceramic or steel sides and self-cleaning brazier, 16 and 24 kW