Why choose a wood-burning stove

Wood is the cheapest available fuel and will ensure considerably lower bills.

Maximum yields

All MCZ wood-burning stoves have  performance levels around 80% and in several models even higher: this means that they  consume less yet heat better than traditional stoves.

Thanks to the high yield and low emission levels, MCZ wood-burning stoves fall within the tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy. That is why purchasing them is even more affordable.

Ideal for well insulated homes

MCZ wood-burning stoves an ideal solution for passive or well-insulated houses. All wood-burning stove models are in fact “airtight”, “hermetic”, in the sense that all the oxygen for combustion is taken from the outside and not from inside the room where they are installed (this is the Oyster technology).

Hot up to 8 hours after the last charge

MCZ offers a variety of storage wood-burning stove models , with a mass of refractory material that absorbs the heat generated by the stove and then gradually releases it into the room, keeping the house warm longer without having to reload the stove (this is the Overnight technology).

Choose your



  • Convection
  • Heat accumulation
  • Ducted air
  • Wall
  • Corner
  • For confined spaces
  • Use of old firebox
  • For passive houses
It enables to heat the room for up to 12 hours from the last load of firewood