What they depend on

The prices of wood-burning fireplaces differ not only based on appearance, but also based on combustion and heat diffusion technology, especially when dealing with closed heating fireplaces and not traditional open fireplaces. In addition to the price of the fireplace per se, one should in any case consider installation costs, that differ from case to case, and the cost of the cladding, which may be selected from those in the catalogue or be made to measure.

The MCZ offering of wood-burning fireplaces

The MCZ collection of wood-burning fireplaces includes latest generation fireplaces that heat traditionally by natural convection, that convey warm air to several rooms (ducted fireplaces) or models that are able to heat radiator or bathroom water (hydro heating fireplaces). Prices may clearly vary considerably depending on the technology used. However, as they are all modern fireplaces, with top efficiency and performance, many MCZ wood-burning fireplaces are eligible for the energy saving tax benefits and the final price is therefore even more affordable.

Quotation for wood-burning fireplace

The best way to assess all the costs of a wood-burning fireplace is to contact a specialised dealer for a technical site inspection and a free quotation. This is a professional service that  is necessary to assess all the unique features of your house and identify the best installation solution.

Choose your wood fireplace

  • Convection
  • Ducted air
  • Hydro
  • Wall
  • Corner
  • Room partition
  • Use of old firebox