Product: Wood fireplace Forma T50

Installation: Atlantica Fuoco e Fiamme, Porcia (PN)

The project


The newly constructed building is inspired by the style and materials of old country houses. The inside is spread across two floors. The ground floor is a single open space that includes the living area, the kitchen and the dining area, which then leads into the studio. The bedrooms, with high ceilings and exposed beams, are on the first floor.


The owners chose the furnishings personally, inspired by shabby chic influences and combining them with more personal and contemporary choices.

120 m 3


The fireplace


The owners regarded the presence of a wood-burning fireplace as a key element.
Therefore, a three-sided fireplace model was chosen, which ensure a view of the flame from multiple angles and offers the option of separating rooms with different functions.


The cladding has a minimalist style, consisting of simple white plasterboard with a black metal frame, so that the fire can be the absolute protagonist.


Daily use


Choosing a fireplace with a closed firebox rather than a traditional open fireplace was crucial to ensure it could be used effectively for heating purposes. The owner, who works at home, keeps it on all day during the winter and just a few hours in between seasons.


A well-insulated room such as this one and the high performance levels of the fireplace allow for a consumption of maximum 10 kg of wood on the coldest winter days and of just 2-3 kg in between seasons.

Distinctive features


The solemn look of the total white cladding is toned down, in this case, by the presence of honey oak beams and by the combination of distinctive accessories, such as a copper wood rack or the colourful ceramics of Salento.